For over a decade and in more than 2,000 venues,  Gin Minsky has been known as NYC’s premiere tap dancing burlesque performer, event producer, and go-to gal for all things Jazz Age.  A dynamic dancer, her performances include a varied spectrum of performative dance acts and sideshow spectacle, often said to be “fresh out the history books.”

Gin Minsky first hit the stage with taps on her feet at the tender age of five and has continued to dazzle and delight audiences around the world.  By blending skill, creativity, technique and charm, she has become one of the most sought after performers, performing at notable venues including Carnegie Hall, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Lincoln Center, P.S. 122, Joe’s Pub, Iridium Jazz Club, Birdland, House of Yes, McKittrick Hotel, Copacabana, Highline Ballroom and Webster Hall.  Gin has also been a featured performer at the NYC Wine & Food Festival and the “Oscars of burlesque” the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend in Las Vegas, winning the award for “Most Classic” in 2017.  Accomplished as a solo performer, Gin can also be found partnering with dance legend Roddy Caravella, the Champagne Riot’s Dandy Wellington, and as one half of the Minsky Sisters with Kristen Minsky.

Tapped into all things jazz, Gin has produced numerous Jazz Age inspired events.  Gin is also the creator of the Champagne Riot – a vintage celebration that serves up an intoxicating cocktail of Hot Jazz, Scintillating Burlesque and Vaudvillian Frivolity. Working on all aspects of event production, Gin can make sure your next event is buttoned up with tails out from pre-production to performance!


Gin Minsky is a prolific performer with over 30 acts, which incorporate 1920s-era jazz dancing, tap dancing, her notorious “tap and strip,” and sideshow stunts. Have an idea for your event? Gin can tailor an act to fit your ideas. Below are just a small sample of some of her acts.


New Orleans One-Step
Just wait until you see this costume reveal! The act begins with high energy tapping-flapper realness, then like magic, the short dress transforms into a glittering floor-length royal blue ball gown, and that’s when things start to smolder on stage. From Clara Bow to Ginger Rogers. You’ll have to see it to believe it. This act won the award for “Most Classic” at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in 2017.

Ice Cream
You scream, I scream, we all scream for a giant tap dancing ice cream cone. Whimsy meets class in this fantastical larger than life act. Beginning as an ice cream cone with legs, Gin transforms from a cartoon into whipped cream personified, twirling out of the cone to reveal a stunning tulle gown covered and sprinkles and a cherry on top – of course! As the layers peal and things began to heat up, so do Gin’s underthings, finally revealing melting pasties and g-string. An amazing piece of fantasy and costuming, this act is quickly becoming her most requested.


Sword Fan

Looking for something that has the elegance of burlesque but also some sideshow danger? Well, look no further! Gin is the only person in the world with her specially designed sword-fan. The act begins as a traditional bump and grind fan dance until the sword is pulled from the fan staves and she swallows the sword with the elegant plumaged floating above her head. This act can be performer as a full striptease or as a PG version with only the swordswallow.

Dark Eyes
And now for some more burlesque with a sideshow twist! Gin keeps to her classic glamour aesthetic, with luxurious 1920s inspired costuming. She starts slow and moody sipping a cocktail in her fur trimmed coat – then bursting into high energy dance as the layers peel away to reveal a stunning Bob Mackie-esque dress dripping with crystals and feathers. As the layers peel away, the audience is left with a surprise ending – Gin reveals a sword that was strapped to her back the entire act, SWALLOWS that sword, AND pulls the cherry out of her stomach that she ate off of her cocktail at the very beginning of the act! This act has been leaving crowds speechless around the world. The cherry on top of every show!

Stomp Off, Let’s Go!
A high energy tap-and-strip, with costume reveals paying tribute to the tappers of the Silver Screen: the classic top hat and tails of Fred Astaire, the cuffs and high-waisted shorts of Eleanor Powell, and the fabulously fringed high-cut leotard of Ann Miller. This act was featured in the Tournament of Tease at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in 2015.

Waiting For the Train
After waiting around for a train that is taking too long to arrive, Gin becomes impatient and kicks over her suitcase. Soon, she realizes she can pass the time by tapping on top of the case, eventually getting swept up in the moment and tearing off her travel clothes to reveal gorgeous blue deco costume straight out of the Ziegfeld Follies. That’s what everyone wears when traveling, no? This act was featured in Tournament of Tease at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in 2016.

That’s A Plenty
An ode to the dancing ladies of Old Hollywood. The act begins with a twirling Ginger Rogers-esque ball gown and ends with the tap dancing frenzy in the iconic dress of Cyd Charisse – a true 1920s delight. This act is sure to get audiences on their feet every time! This act was featured in the Tournament of Tease at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in 2013.

The Saints
A tribute act to the late Diane Naegel. A high energy tap dance to the New Orleans funeral march “When the Saints Go Marching In.” A spectacular celebration of life! This act was featured in the Tournament of Tease at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in 2012. This act can also be performed with Gin’s cane-sword, revealing a sword swallow at the very end of the act.

Red Hot Riding Hood
An ode to one of Tex Avery’s most infamous illustrated ladies, complete with the Big Bad Wolf.

Ain’t Misbehavin’
A slow and sultry 1930s glove and gown peel that finishes with an explosive tap and drum solo.

Ghost of Steven Foster
And now for something a little different! A dark act for Halloween or any other spooky occasion. After being dragged out on stage blindfolded, Gin goes into convulsions revealing white eyes and possession.


Gin brings high glamour to the art of sideshow! Specializing in sword swallowing and blockhead, she can bring a bit of shock and wonder to your event.


Gin also works alongside several performers to create engaging and exciting partner acts. Acts range in styles from tap dance, jazz dance, swing dance and burlesque and are suited for all occasions.






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“…[Gin] does a wickedly good tap dance, and keeps evolving into other spangly outfits as she keeps whooshing around like a period dervish who seemed fresh out of the history books.” – Michael Musto, Village Voice, January 2013

“…authentic vintage gold.” – Photolena, Burlesque Beat, August 2013

“Gin Minsky’s exuberance is inarguable, her command of stage, feet, and crowd approaching mastery.” – J.D. Oxblood, Burlesque Beat, September 2014

“…a thrilling, transporting and charismatic display of skill, grace and glamour.” – Holli-Mae Johnson, 21st Century Burlesque, Oct. 2013

“A modern day flapper…” – Leah Faye Cooper, New York Post, June 2013

“Gin Minsky brings such obvious joy to the stage that it’s infectious. She’s a clever tapdancer, a sensual performer, and has welded the Jazz Age to burlesque with a style that is all her own. The crowds love her, and it’s easy to see why.” – J.D. Oxblood, Burlesque Beat, October 2013


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