Headed for the Hills Music Festival

August 12, 2017 @ 12:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Prattsville Art Center
14562 Main Street
Prattsville, NY 12468

The annual Headed for the Hills Festival brings dozens of musicians together over three days and evenings to celebrate the full range of human creativity and DIY energy. Nestled in a beautiful Catskill Mountain river valley that was nearly washed away by a hurricane 5 years ago, Prattsville’s Main Street Music Festival will celebrate the recovery of this hard hit rural community by “bringing the world to Main Street” with an incredible mix of adventurous young musicians, performers and independent video.


SCARLETT SAILS headlines the with: Thru Spectrums; Evvergreen; Two Headed Girl; Normal State; Nectar; Foxanne; Rusk Mountain Ramblers; Sunflower; JamForceOne; A Judgmental Swarm of Bees; The Jewett Funk Patrol; Saucy Pots; Birdthrower; Ice Cream Orphan; Phyllis Ophelia; Shred Flintstone; Dee and the Sunny Saps; Out of System Transfer; Francesca Shanks; Emo; Nick McCracken & Daniel Evanko; Natavi Orian; Elijah Royal; Coping Skills; PooPoo Patrol; Stippling; Cassandra Wildheart; Neglected Sex; Ruckzuck; Bluffs; Glowing Bug; GemTactics; Pendeja; Royal Court Drag Show hosted by Cassanova the King and Kate Milo, Tap & Burleque stars Gin Minsky and Perle Noire